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About Rehrig Pacific Company
Founded in 1913, Rehrig Pacific has grown to become a world leading plastic pallet manufacturer and container manufacturer serving the agriculture, bakery, beverage, dairy and materials handling industries and, since the ‘80s, a roll-out cart, recycling bin and commercial container manufacturer serving the waste and recycling collection industry as well.

All of our customers demand sustainable transport packaging solutions creatively designed to help handle and protect their products safely and more efficiently and provide an excellent return on investment. With a family tradition of growth, service and innovation that spans four generations, we will aim to go “above and beyond” for your business too.

The Rehrig Pacific team will be with you all the way from the beginning concept to the end of the product life cycle. Nearly every Rehrig Pacific product made is recycled into another Rehrig Pacific product at the end of its service life. If you need a custom designed solution, our highly experienced design engineers will work consultatively with you to produce a comprehensive, world-class product.

Industry leaders worldwide make many of our products their first choice. Whether you need reusable and recyclable plastic pallets and crates or roll-out carts, containers and bins, or RFID tracking, we’ve got a solution that’s right for your business.

Your growth and success is what drives us from idea to concept to solution.

Rehrig Pacific serves customers with manufacturing and service locations throughout the United States and Mexico and sales offices in South America, Asia and Europe. Our customers rank us among the best in industry service, support and workmanship. Our tradition and commitment guarantee it.

Corporate Headquarters:
Rehrig Pacific Company
4010 E. 26th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90058 USA
Phone: (800) 421-6244 (US)
Phone: (323) 262-5145 (International)
Fax: (323) 269-8506
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